Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Golf Course For The Ages

This is officially my favorite course of all time. The most absurd thing about this statement is that I live on this golf course. I live on the 8th hole of the Ocean Course, which is part of the Makai Course. The Makai Course consists of three sets of 9 and they are all standard length. It costs $175 for a tourist to play 18 holes but for the locals (or imposters like myself), $55 gets you unlimited play for the day.

Obscenely difficult 196 yard Par 3 (from the whites)

I took these shots last Thursday and got in 36 holes in just over 6 hours. It's never too crowded and if you get to play as a single, you can play a ton. The views are spectacular and the holes are challenging because of the cross-wind that comes off of the ocean. My goal is to break 90 in the next month. I shot a 94 and if my putting improves, it might actually happen.

Par 3 on the Ocean Course

Shot of a birdie putt that I missed

Par 3 with a Zen Rock on the left

9th Hole on the Lakes Course

This has nothing to do with golf. I just like the tree.


Prashant said...

Conor, I hate you and hope you die.


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