Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Our First Visitors

We hosted our first visitors from the mainland this past week. Christine and Derek arrived in Lihue on Sunday, March 25. They spent the next six days with us here on Kauai, where they visited several beaches, took an ATV tour, saw a few sunsets, had a nighttime beach bonfire, and sampled various Ahi dishes. We had a great time giving them their first taste of our small island! This past Saturday we all traveled together to Honolulu for the weekend, where we visited Pearl Harbor and Waikiki.

Sunset from the Beach House restaurant:

Just before dinner at the Luau:
Overlooking Waimea Canyon:

Bonfire at Hanalei Bay Beach:View from the Hanalei lookout:


Christine said...

UNBELIEVABLE is the first word that pops into my head when I look back on our last week and a half in Hawaii with Conor and Jessica, The Ultimate Hosts & Vacationing Duo! I had been to Maui before as well as other luxurious vacation resorts and islands... but I could never have anticipated how much "adult fun" we would have with Team Nic or how many gorgeous views we would encounter. We couldn't fight the jaw-dropping Kauai backdrops even if it was to save our very lives. Mr. & Mrs. N were the best hosting team players ever - they took part in our Asian breakfast rituals and even provided the generous provisions; ensured that Mission Control fully and quickly recovered from the jet lag bug with comfortable surreal accommodations; committed to showing us as many different island activities as Fire Goddess Pele would allow in a day; and even recruited EZ Eddie from the far side of Ha Long Bay to the vacationing team.

Mahalo Team Nic for making dreams come true! If any of you from the mainland are lucky enough to get an N-stamped invite, don't think - just book your flight.

Derek said...

Hey guys - Check out this random blog I came across...

"I really can't overstate how beautiful it is here. What's the best way to put it? When I left a piece of bread out for a couple of days too long and it molded, it actually grew pineapples."