Monday, July 23, 2007

Secret Lava Pools

Conor and I recently visited the Secret Lava Pools. This is an area next to Secret Beach in Kilauea. If you walk along the lava rock to the left of the beach, you'll eventually come to an area with several large pools filled with ocean water. Some pools are shallow, while others are deep enough to swim in. There are also a couple of small waterfalls that you can play under. We had tried to come here in January after first arriving on the island, but the North Shore ocean is rough in the winter, and the lava pools were covered by ocean and inaccessible. We had fun finally seeing this nearby gem in all its glory.

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Marian said...

Great pictures! My husband and I were there last first time snorkeling was in the big pool...some beautiful local "tropical" fish in there too.