Friday, May 04, 2007

Jessica Caddies for Conor

Prior to this week, Jessica has never seen me play golf. After the round, I wish it were still true. Either it was the nerves or the fact that I stink, but I didn't have a single par in 9 holes. Granted, I did miss 3 par putts but in the end that means nothing. I had 5 pars and a birdie the next time out (18 holes) but this was not witnessed by my wife so in the eyes of a skeptic, it may have never happened.

Conor missing a par putt

I played the Kukuiolono course and it was donated to the island in 1919 by a sugar magnate by the name of Walter McBryde. The course is so old that no one knows who actually designed it (seriously). It's on a dryer part of Kauai so the fairways are pretty beat up. I played here on my honeymoon in preparation for the Wailea Blue Course in Maui.

It's one of the more expensive courses on the island, costing $8 for the green fees. Lucky for me, they had a lay-away plan so I can pay in installments. It isn't in the best condition but some of the holes give you an awesome view of the south shore.

This was the first time that Jessica drove a golf cart and overall, she did a pretty good job. She asked some odd questions like where the rear view mirror was and at one point I had to remind her not to drive onto the putting green. In typical Conor fashion, I didn't tip my caddie. Next time, maybe I'll let her bring a set of clubs.

Conor walking off the green in disgust

Japanese Garden


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