Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Most Beautiful Course I have ever Played

I have played at some pretty nice golf courses in my day but nothing comes even remotely close to the beauty of the Prince Course in Princeville. This shouldn't come as much as a surprise as Golf Digest has it rated as the #1 golf course in Hawaii and #14 on the top 100 public golf courses.

The pictures I took don't do it justice but they should give you a taste of how gorgeous (and absurdly difficult) these holes are. Some of the holes are so awe-inspiring that it's tough to focus on your next shot. The course is right on the ocean and you see rolling hills in every direction. It's unlike any course I have ever played in the past, including the Princeville Makai course that I live on. You rarely hit a ball off of a flat lie and many shots have to carry ditches and ravines as long as 150 yards.

Note: You probably already knew this but if you click on the picture, you get a full-screen shot.

The slope of this course is 145 (the average slope is 113). If you don't know anything about golf, imagine Mike Tyson in his prime. Imagine someone joking with Mike Tyson, telling him that you just stole his girlfriend. Tyson is not bright so he takes it seriously. Imagine Mike Tyson breaking the door down and bashing your face in until it has the texture of a Halloween pumpkin on November 25th. That is what this course is like. It takes your game and smashes it to bits and sprays you in the eye with pepper spray for good measure.

You have to drive over this ravine to get to the fairway. I'm not kidding.

In addition to beautiful scenery, I also saw the house of my dreams. Mark my words, if i win the lottery, I will walk up to the front door and knock on the door. When someone answers, I will ask them how much they want for their home. When the person says it's not for sale, I'll say "I'll offer double". This house overlooks the signature hole and has a black eternity pool. I really need to start playing Powerball.

The course costs $175 for tourists but there was a special going on this month so as a Hawaiian resident, I only paid $50. Something happened for the first time on the 16th hole; my golf cart ran out of power and wouldn't move an inch. I called the pro-shop and they immediately came out and gave me a new cart. I talked to someone at the pro-shop after my round and they took $25 off the round. That's right folks, I played the #1 course in Hawaii for $25.

Hole #1

188 yard Par 3 where I actually made par.

I lost so many balls that I began to worry that I would run out. Lucky for me, I turned it on in the back 9 and had 4 pars. My final score was still a joke but I had a blast. I really hope that I can play here with some of the folks that are reading this blog. Crazier things have happened right?

Hawaii's largest reef. Just off the 9th hole.

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Prashant said...

This course looks like a joke. I will eat it for lunch and excrete it later that evening.