Saturday, February 24, 2007

I Played Golf for 10 Bucks

If I was a good golfer, this might be the perfect story. Unfortunately, my game reminds most people of a deer in headlights. You don't know what it's doing in the road, and you know that sooner or later, an SUV is going to speed around the corner and smash it to bits. I am one of the few that can follow a birdie up with a triple-bogey.

The Driving Range is a little overpriced at $1.50 a bucket

But I digress. There is a golf course 30 minutes from our house and if you are a local, which I finally am, you can play for $10. I was fortunate enough to pass my written driver's license test the second time around so I am officially a resident of the island. I played golf at a gorgeous course on the North Shore but as always, I forgot the camera. This time I was able to remember (probably due to the fact that all of my boys begged me to stop being an idiot and take pics so they can see it on the blog) to put the camera in my bag.

The course was pretty nice, and when you factor the price in, it is Mecca. For a mere $46, you get a monthly pass that allows you to play an unlimited amount for the next 30 days. It definitely pays off to be a local. Most of the holes run along the shore so you always hear the waves break while you duff shots and miss putts. It definitely softens the pain.

My ball went through the cloud and directly into the hole for a double-eagle

I'm going to try to play here twice a week with the eventual goal to get into the 80's on a consistent basis. I'm determined to get there and am confident that even a hacker like me can do it if I play enough. It should be a fun ride.


Pditty said...

Your gonna need a a Hawaiian style barefoot bagger Vance to get into the 80's. Work on that short game Saddlebags.

Milan said...

Mr. Accessory strikes again! With camera in bag, you've officially broken the world record with 208 different golf accessories. You may be a hacker, but you have the tools of a world champion. Your next challenge is lengthening your pre-shot routine. Lick those lips, pull up those pants, and Hold the Pose!

Jessica said...

Milan, you have no idea. Conor has bought no less than 34 new accessories since arriving on this island. His latest is a cart to push around his golf clubs in.

The accessory before that? A sweatband!! Yes, I mean one of those terrycloth bands you wear around your forhead to collect sweat, and no, it is not still 1975.

Andy said...

Definitely Jealous man. Are you going to treat yourself to a round at a top end course while you're out there? Give Turtle Bay a shot.