Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Shipwreck Beach and the Makawehi Trail

We live on the North Shore so most of the time we go to beaches that are within 5 minutes of our condo. When we came here for our honeymoon, we stayed at the Grand Hyatt in Poipu, which is a resort town on the South Shore. The funny thing is that even though we spent 6 days on the resort, we never really spent any time at Shipwreck Beach, which is literally just off of the grounds. We were too busy taking helicopter rides, ATV tours and stuffing our faces with some of the best seafood we have ever eaten.

Our good friend Tony decided to move back to the mainland and he had never been to the beaches on the South Shore. We were more than happy to go on an adventure as it allowed us to see the Grand Hyatt for the first time since September. We had an absolute blast that day, visiting three beaches, taking a short hike, going snorkeling and having an awesome dinner. The weather was perfect so the pictures turned out really well.

Jessica looking dashing in her new suit

Conor and Tony looking extremely, extremely tough

Shipwreck Beach is well known for it's surfing and if the ocean is calm enough, you can jump off of the cliff that you see in the back of these shots. Fortunate for me, the waves smashing all over the place so I could say, "Man, I really was going to jump" when in actuality, I was singing "Celebration" in my head.

The Makawehi Trail starts off of Shipwreck Beach and it goes on for a few miles. We weren't in the mood for a long hike but we walked around for about 30 minutes and got some amazing shots. You are literally walking on a small trail made of sand and if you're not careful, you could take a nasty spill.

Thank God this wasn't the way back to our car

I entered this shot for National Geographic Picture of the Year and I fully expect to win

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