Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Zip Lining

During Rob and Alissa's visit, we went for a zip-lining tour at the nearby Princeville ranch. For those not familiar with zip-lining, you basically zip along from platform to platform suspended over a forest or cliff by a cable that you're harnessed on to. Although zipping was new for Conor and me, Rob and Alissa were old pros after doing it once before in Costa Rica. I was a little nervous beforehand, given my severe fear of heights. But it turned out to be very fun and not scary at all.

All geared up on the bus to the zip course:

Starting off with a perfect first zip:

It took Conor a few zips to get the hang of steering. Here he is coming in backwards on his first zip:
Modeling our stylish zip gear:

This was my least favorite part. We had to walk across this bridge, and the planks are pretty far apart. So you have to look down at each step, and it's hard to not notice how high up you are. Even though you're clipped in so you can't technically fall to your death, it was still scary for me. Luckily there was only one of these.

We had lunch by a swimming hole:

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Charlie's Mom said...

We did this tour on our honeymoon in August and LOVED it!