Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Canyon Trail

A couple weekends ago, Conor and I headed out to Koke'e State Park to hike the Canyon trail. This trail goes along the side of Waimea Canyon, and ends at scenic Waipo'o Falls. It was a cloudy, foggy day 4,000 feet up in Koke'e State Park, but the clouds cleared just enough to give us decent visibility during the hike, and the sun even broke through a couple times.

The Canyon seems massive from close up:

A thugged out Mr. N strikes a pose:

Waipo'o Falls:

Near the falls, colorful wild flowers were scattered across the lush trail:

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Anonymous said...

Hey you guys, a few months ago I went to Kauai to do some visiting with friends and hiking. In the weeks prior, I scoured the internet looking for any (free) information on hiking. I came across your blog's and the stories were great and a excellent source of information. Thanks for the postings and for sharing your adventures.