Saturday, May 26, 2007

They Grow Up So Fast

Our little albatross chick has grown quite a bit since his birth in February. He's now almost the size of an adult albatross, and you can see his smooth white feathers coming in under his gray fluff. He's even now venturing further and further away from his nest, which is in front of the condo next to ours.

Just last week, he got up enough courage to waddle over to our porch area for the first time. He now comes by for a visit every day. He's even started to practice opening up his wings, getting ready for his big day in July when he jumps off the cliff and goes to sea for the next 4 years. Once he's sexually mature, he'll come back here to where he was born to find a mate. Pretty soon, Conor and I will have an empty nest (pun intended).

Taking a nap in the sun:

Practicing with his wings in front of our porch:

Being fed by mom (or dad?) back in early April:

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