Friday, May 04, 2007

Ode to our Pool

I'm pretty sure that our pool is the Mecca of in-ground pools. The reason why I say this is that men and women come here on a daily basis wearing only simple white cloth and they drop to their knees, rejoicing that they have finally arrived to the Mecca of in-ground pools.

If I am reading a book, they come to me and ask if I am the Oracle. I don't want to disappoint so I nod and begin to ramble about politics, religion and the genius of South Park and the Colbert Report.

Prime Real Estate

In all seriousness, Jessica and I love this pool. It's on our condo grounds and the best news is that is is never crowded. No little kiddies live in the complex and most of the residents are retired so I don't have to worry about someone playing a lively game of beer-pong or blasting Clay Aiken on their boom-box. Quite often, it's just Jessica and yours truly reading a book, going swimming or jumping into the hot tub.

I would estimate that we go 4-5 times a week but the amount of time that we spend there varies. If we're too busy to go to the beach, we might read a book for an hour or so. I try to visit the hot-tub after every round of golf. If things get a little hectic while I'm working, I take my version of a cigarette break and submerge myself in what I consider to be the best hot tub in the world.

On top of the pool and hot tub, we also have two propane grilles at our disposal. We grill a lot of fish as well as kabobs and veggies. Just last week we ate had dinner with a friend and got to look up at a full moon. It's a little different from our grill at home where the only thing you see is your neighbor who is 15 feet away on his own deck.

There is a garden towards the back and palm trees line the perimeter so it's remarkably quiet and serene. The best seat in the house is sitting in the hot tub and facing the garden. God I don't want to leave this place.

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