Friday, June 08, 2007

Big Island - Hilo

To celebrate my 30th birthday, Conor and I traveled to the Big Island of Hawaii for four nights. This was our first time on this island, and we saw many amazing sights. The Big Island, as its name suggests, is very big. It’s bigger than all of the other Hawaiian islands combined. We spent the first two nights on the east side of the island, in a cabin near the Volcano. We spent the last couple of nights at a resort on the west side of the island. And we stopped along the north side to see a few sights as we drove between the two.

We flew into the city of Hilo, which is the second biggest city in the state of Hawaii. It’s an interesting place. The town has been hit by hardships, such as tsunamis, threats of lava flow, and the demise of the sugar industry. It’s a mix of older, worn buildings that remain from the exodus of the sugar business, and newer more modern shops and restaurants. Hilo is lush and beautiful, located on the rainy side of the island. It offers many scenic treasures. After arriving, we saw Rainbow Falls and Boiling Pots, two of the more popular Hilo sights, before having dinner.

Boiling Pots, in Hilo:

Panoramic view of Boiling Pots:

The path to Rainbow Falls, in Hilo:
Rainbow Falls:

Panoramic view of Rainbow Falls:

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