Thursday, February 08, 2007

Blind Item

Which Nicholson spouse was spotted this Wednesday at the Kauai DMV failing their written driver’s license test? After a pencil-gnawing struggle with the 30 question multiple choice exam, this hunky Irishman was seen exiting the testing room hanging his bulbous head in shame. After a DMV employee confirmed the failure, a group of 16 year old passees attempted to console him and offer words of advice such as "try the practice tests in the manual" and “beware of definitives like ‘always’ and ‘never’”. The 30 year old then silently wished failure upon his wife as her test was graded, to no avail. He cursed her name in his head and contemplated suicide as she passed with flying colors.


1 comment:

dkoy said...

bulbous head and flying color followed by the license. magnificent!