Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Our New Neighbors

A new couple recently moved onto the property. These bunnies were spotted yesterday living underneath a parked car outside our house. Today they had settled in to a shaded area under some vegetation on the side of the house. Clearly domesticated, they enjoy being around people and will let you feed and pet them. We suspect someone must have grown tired of caring for them as pets and let them loose to fend for themselves. Soft and cuddly, they enjoy nibbling on lettuce and other veggies. And you know what they say about rabbits? Well, it's all true. These two definitely enjoy frequent rolls in the proverbial hay.


dkoy said...

Those are awesome! At first glimpse I thought you were at a zoo.

Emma said...

They are so cute!! I used to have a bunny just like that called Mopsy. Those are Holland Lop bunnies. Give them a kiss for me.