Thursday, February 08, 2007

Farmer's Market

Today we went to our first farmer’s market. These are held several times a week in different locations around the island. The market we went to today is held every Thursday in Kilauea, about 2 miles from our house. Local farmers travel to the markets and set up booths to sell their produce. You’ll find familiar favorites such as pineapples, avocados, and grapefruits as well as some island novelties, like rambutans and starfruit. The produce is reasonably priced and extremely fresh – sometimes picked earlier that day!

Some of our purchases today are posted below:

Organic avocados the size of your head only cost $1 each here.

This giant bunch of basil was so fresh and aromatic that its scent filled up the car on the ride home.

Starfruit has become one of Conor’s favorites. You slice it thinly and it tastes similar to an apple.

Ruby grapefruits and tangerines are abundant.

Rambutan is a peculiar looking fruit. You remove the spiky pink outside to reveal a fleshy white fruit very closely related to a lychee.

Jicama is a root that can be cooked or eaten raw, and is crunchy in texture like a water chestnut.

Star Apples are purple on the outside, with a soft white pulp on the inside. The outside is inedible while the pulp is sweet and tastes similar to a grape crossed with an apple.

Eggplants work well in the many Asian inspired dishes that are popular here.

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