Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Al B Learns to Fly

Our albatross chick (who we refer to as Al B. Tross) is growing up fast. The photo above shows him back in May, when he still had most of his fluffy gray feathers. Since then, he's shed almost all of his gray, except for around his head and neck. His body is covered in white adult feathers. He's also moved from his nest under a bush next door to the area right in front of our back patio. He's taken a liking to us.

Just recently, he's started to practice his flying. He'll stand and spread his massive wings, and flap away while awkwardly hopping around. He does this a lot when the wind blows, as if he's trying to catch the wind to help him up. His mom (dad?) comes back every so often to feed him, and he gets REALLY excited when she returns. He'll run (more like a fast waddle) over to her and start chirping loudly while he eats out of her mouth. Now that he's older, he has a lot more personality and is a lot more active than he was as a young chick. We're not sure when he'll head to sea, but it shouldn't be long now. We'll miss him!

Video of Al B learning to fly:

Video of Al B getting fed:

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