Thursday, August 23, 2007

Leaving the Island...

In our last couple weeks on the island, Conor and I tried to soak up as much as possible before we left. Although we know there’s a lot of things we’ll miss about Hawaii, we feel ready to return to reality on the east coast.

Top 10 things we’ll miss about Kauai:

  1. The beaches
  2. The weather
  3. Fresh ahi tuna steaks and sashimi
  4. Great hikes
  5. Gorgeous mountain scenery everywhere you look
  6. Simple, easygoing lifestyle
  7. The albatrosses, geckos, and other wildlife we’ve grown attached to
  8. Beach campfires
  9. The coffee
  10. Rainbows

Top 10 things we WON’T miss:

  1. The horrendous grocery stores
  2. Lack of variety in restaurant options
  3. The gas and electricity prices
  4. Lack of interesting people our age
  5. Foot-long centipedes, 5 pound cane spiders, roaches bigger than my thumb, and other assorted oversized bugs
  6. Lack of friends and family nearby
  7. Being a regular Walmart shopper
  8. Bad haircuts
  9. The entire island closing down by 9pm
  10. Poi


Prashant said...

You aren't going to miss Wally the gecko???

Prashant said...

Oops, I'm a moron. You ARE going to miss Wally the gecko. I'm surprised you aren't going to miss Creepy the Cane Spider though. That's shocking.

Jessica said...

It's WILLIE!! : )

Yes, we'll miss him and his 3 primitive webbed feet.

Derek said...

Welcome home friends. It's good to have you back. May you be embraced by the arms of the authentic metro area traffic once again.