Friday, December 15, 2006

Dreaming of Kauai.....

It all started in September, while on their honeymoon. As they sat mesmerized by the stunning Pacific views, Conor asserted, "I want to move here for 6 months". Jessica, used to Conor's frequent musings and fully aware of how they were rarely rooted in reality, played her usual role. She ignored him.

It wasn't until the following week, while in Maui, that Jessica came onboard with the plan. She had just learned that the contract she worked on at her current job would be ending at the end of the year. She took it as a good omen. Since it would be a time of transition regardless, what better chance to do something crazy and cross a few life goals off the list?

They began formulating a plan. Conor could keep his job at ESC and work remotely, while Jessica would take a 6 month hiatus from work. They would rent out their townhouse furnished, so most of their large belongings would stay put. The extra income from their tenants would allow them to rent a small apartment on the lush North Shore of Kauai. They'd drive their car across the country to LA, and ship it to the island from there. The wheels were in motion!

As with most major adjustments, working out the details proved to be stressful and exhausting. Conor got the ok from his boss, and dedicated countless hours to networking and securing a contract that he could manage from afar. Jessica poured over the Kauai classifieds and Craigslist daily to find a suitable apartment. Both spent tons of time scouring the townhouse to show it to potential clients. There were many ups and downs, and, shockingly, even a few marital tiffs.

eagerly awaited the moment when they'd have their tenants sign on the dotted line - and therefore could forge ahead with the rest of the (extremely long) to-do list. More importantly, once the lease was signed, they could go public and finally tell friends and family about the plan they'd be hatching for over 3 months.

It went down to the wire.....

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