Sunday, December 24, 2006


After a successful month-long effort to find suitable tenants for our townhome, we were finally able to secure our housing plans in Kauai. We started out wanting for not more than a shack with the basic living essentials - a kitchen, a bed, and a place for Conor to work. There were lots of places to choose from, but it's hard to tell exactly what you want from 4900 miles away!

Oddly enough, we began a correspondence with a woman who we originally found on craigslist. She was looking for a caretaker for her property in Kauai, and we emailed her about the position. She was extremely hard to reach, and after weeks of trying Conor was finally able to get her on the phone. At this point, the caretaker position had been filled, but for some reason she seemed intrigued by our plight. Long story short, after many calls back and forth she offered to rent us the main house on her property through March.

The woman and her family split their time between Oregon and Kauai. They'll be away on the mainland until March. Though normally they use the house as a vacation rental while they're away, her and Conor hatched a deal where we'll live there in the house for our first 6 weeks on the island. Normally a house like this would never be in our budget, but after talking with her so many times, she offered us an extremely fair deal. They always say it's who you know, right??

Once we're on the island, it'll be much easier to shop for suitable apartments for the remainder of our stay. But through March, we'll be staying on 5 private acres in Kalihiwai, on the North Shore of Kauai. The house (pictured above) is a 2 bedroom house with a piano, outdoor shower, and hot tub, with partial mountain and ocean views. Two world class beaches are located within minutes walk of the property.

Some view of the inside of the house:

We'll be able to walk to Kalihiwai Bay, pictured below, within minutes:

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Anonymous said...

Hi Guys! It's Alissa...Rob just sent me your blog. I have been waiting for months to see your new digs and I must say, Kauai looks amazing! Your new condo is so nice and I love the posts you have up on your blog. Conor has been really good about keeping in touch with Rob so I do get frequent updats on how you both are doing, but I love being able to see for myself. I think it's so wonderful that you made your dream come true by moving out there and am sure it has been a life changing experiece! Please continue to write as I'll be re-visting often and can't wait to see you both when you return (that is, if you ever come back!) Hope to hear from you soon~