Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Need for Speed

People drive fast in the south. They drive fast in the southwest. And they drive fast AND maniacal in LA. The freeways in LA are reminiscent of the German Autobahn. Even Mr. N, whose driving normally has his passengers clinging to the door handles in fear of their lives, felt like a senior citizen in Florida while on the 405. Basically, the rest of this country makes the east coast look like wimpy little pansies when it comes to driving. When you’re driving 90 and you still being passed by every car on the road, you know you’re not in Virginia anymore.

The Civic was not built for high speeds. It takes physical effort to drive her fast. As you move over 80 MPH, she starts to tremble. Those 102 horses will get you there, but you’ll have to cling to the wheel for your life as she violently shakes and rattles along. We think the suspension was omitted with the clock and the tachometer. And no, the above photo was not PhotoShopped - it happened.

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warren said...

Midland!!! That's where I used to live! Now you can say that you saw the nothingness that I once called home. Believe it or not...I lived there for 7 years! Jordyn still lives in Odessa.