Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Salute to Mission Control

This post is long overdue. Team Nicholson wouldn't have made their 3 day cross-country trek without the expert assistance and guidance of Mission Control. This elite unit is comprised of Derek (aka DK, aka Captain Cambodia) and Christine (aka C-tine, aka The Black Widow). We were in contact with these two virtually the entire trip. Jessica sent a text at 4:10AM Friday morning to say that we had departed and she received a text wishing us the best by 4:12AM.

If it were not for DK, we might not have known about the severe ice storm that was hitting the Great Plains on Saturday. We received urgent text messages and calls warning us of our impending doom. We were offered alternate routes as well as words of encouragement including "Way to go!" and "We're so proud of you!". We had some dark moments while we were slipping all over the road in Texas and Mission Control was sending us constant updates about the improving weather conditions 100 miles ahead.

The Black Widow was kind enough to look up information on hotels in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and let us know that if we needed anything, we could all anytime. When I was driving, Jessica and C-tine were trading text messages every 25.4 seconds.

Captain Cambodia's finest moment came when Conor was having technical difficulties while watching the Bears game on his portable TV that he bought for the sole purpose of watching the Bears game. He got the entire first half and none of the second. Conor started spazzing out and searching every frequency on both the FM and AM dial. He felt the beginnings of a panic attack and immediately called DK. Captain Cambodia used his MacGyver like mind to come up with a quick solution.

He said that he would put the phone next to the TV so I could hear the play by play by Troy Aikman and Joe Buck. Once again, Captain Cambodia had saved the day. For his heroic efforts, he was awarded the Shiny Medal of Honor for Helping Conor Catch the Bears Game While on a Cross Country Trek, or as it is more commonly known, the SMHHCCBGWCCT.

When we finally arrived to smoggy LA, C-tine remarked that she felt like she was in the car with us the entire time. Jessica remarked that we couldn't have done it without her so she is being given the annual Medal of Valor for Providing Emotional Support via Text Message and Cell Phone Conversation to Team Nicholson, also known as the MVPSTMCPCTN.

Mission Control, we salute you and can't wait till you stay with us in March!


Christine said...

On behalf of Mission Control, this is by far the greatest and most prestigious recognition Captain Cambodia and The Black Widow have ever received. We were honored to have served the two finest citizens of Virginia and their quest to achieve Hawaiian nirvana.

dkoy said...

Conor and Jessica, it was an honor to serve you on this mission. Christine and I both are very proud and humbled to accept the prestigous SMHHCCBGWCCT and MVPSTMCPCTN awards. The pleasure has certainly been all ours, and we anxiously count the days down where we can toast Mohitos and Mimosas in commemorance of this first feat of many. Helmets off to you two. Go Cougars.